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Beijing, China (Mainland)
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Telecom Analyzer
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Dsl Tester
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Model: DSL-3020V xDSL Tester
Overview: DSL-3020V xDSL, a handheld light-weight tester which is used to test the VDSL2\ADSL/ADSL2/ ADSL2+, it is designed for full range of layer 1/2/3 test precisely. It is an ideal tool for installation, maintenance, troubleshooting of the XDSL link.

1. XDSL Physical Layer Testing 1. ADSL2+Modular: Full support all ADSL standards, which includes ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, ITU-T G. 992.1(G. Dmt), ITU-T G. 992.2 (G. Lite), ITU-T G. 992.3(ADSL2), RE-ADSL2 and ITU-T G. 992.5(ADSL2+).

2. VDSL2 Modular: Apart from all standards above mentioned, it also particularly support ITU-T G. 993.2(VDSL2).

3. Test upstream, downstream, maximum speed and channel utilization.

4. Test upstream and downstream noise margin, and export power and power attenuation.

5. Test error value of proximal end and remote end FEC/CRC/HEC/NCD/OCD.

6. Auto test and display proximal end and remote signal loss, frame loss, power loss, cell loss, border loss and many other Defect information, along with history record contrast to the current display.

7. Statistic error seconds.

8. Display every sub-channel of Bits per Tone by the mean of graphic and number.

9. Display every sub-channel of SNR per Tone by the mean of graphic and number.

10. ATM F4, F5 OAM loopback test. XDSL Network Layer Test

11. Support RFC1483 (RFC2684, PPPoE(RFC2516), DHCP, PAP/CHAP and variety of upper layer protocols.

12. PPPoE dial-up obtain IP address and Ping test.

13. Fixed Ping Test

14. Ping test that includes Ping loss test (Be able to identify times and package size), Ping loopback latency test(To test its MAX, MIN, Average level ).

15. Router tracking test 16. Replace ADSL2+/VDSL2 Modem XDSL Application Layer Test

1. Net Scan

2. Net Rate Measurement

3. FTP Speed Measurement
Ethernet Test

1. DHCP client test

2. PPPoE dial-up is used to test the problem from user's IP broadband or LAN.

3. Network layer test: Ping, Ipconfig, Route and router tracking, etc.

4. Application layer test: Net Scan and rate measurement, and FTP Speed measurement.
Cable Test Digital Multi Meter (DMM) is used to test loop resistance, insulation Resistance, capacitance, AC-DC voltage and estimate wire length. Audio line tracking

1. Auto Power-off

2. Beep and LED alarm.

3. Data management test

4. Software on-line upgrade

1. Large LCD touch screen

2. Windows CE OS, graphical interface, easy to handle.

3. Net Scan freely and easily.

4. Cable qualifies indication. Auto setup critical line threshold parameter, with comparing real test result with threshold to indicate the cable qualification.

5. Audio line-tracking. Send audio line-tracking signal at one end, and then identify the testing line with audio sensor at the other end.